Negotiations between the ASU and your Employer have progressed, please find a summary of negotiations discussed at recent meetings held at Brunswick, Dandenong and Sunshine. Sadly no members were able to attend the meeting at Dallas.

Contentious issues that remain outstanding;

  1. Time In Lieu (TIL) Capping to 8 hours in a four week period – Employer’s proposed changes to TIL and overtime were strongly rejected. They also raised issue with the way that TIL is currently being administered with the appearance of one rule in one area being differently applied in other areas, for example; some areas where given time for time regardless of overtime rules where other areas where receiving time and a half equivalent for overtime worked.
  2. Strongly in favour of combining Personal and Carers Leave into one clause and accepted the eight days without a certificate.
  3. That the higher duties clause should remain as it is unless the Employer provided clear explanation of the rules to be applied.
  4. That the Employers Claim regarding Telephone allowance was problematic and that the current Telephone policy and procedure was neither practical nor workable
  5. That the end date of the EBA should be 30/6/2021
  6. The Employer’s claim regarding Meal Allowance would be accepted
  7. The Employer’s claim regarding On Call Allowance would be accepted
  8. The issue of fixed term contracts was raised as an ongoing issue at these meeting also.

Please discuss the negotiations with your colleagues, both members and non-members and encourage them to join the ASU, add strength to our claims and have a say in these negotiations.

ASU member wins so far:

  • Personal Leave evidence requirements – you can take up to two consecutive of Personal/Carers leave without a medical certificate or other proof for a total of eight days of individual leave before having to provide evidence.
  • We have also gained the ability to provide other methods of proof.
  • Your Employer has also agreed to withdraw the reduction in sick leave for long term employees from 21 days to 15 days which the ASU rejected strongly.

Your employer has rejected :

  • Fixed term employment conversion – Not Agreed
  • Family definition – Rejected. ASU reworked & resubmitted and again rejected;

ASU is waiting for responses from your employer on the following;

  • Cultural ceremonial leave – Considering;
  • Family violence leave – Considering and
  • Bi-lingual staff allowance – Employer has requested explanation of how this would be implemented.

The items of concern from the employer log of claims are still an issue as the push to insert clauses that reduce conditions in place of current clauses continues. This almost always results in a reduction of conditions.

The next negotiation is today at 12:30pm when we will feed back the results of the Member meetings.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Karrie Bowe | 0400 917 845 |

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