The ASU invites you to participate in our week of action across Tasmania next week.

This action will support the Australian Council of Trade Unions Campaign – For the Workers

This campaign is especially relevant to Tasmanian Local Government workers’ because a small number of Tasmanian Councils’ are also seeking to freeze wages or cut pay and conditions.

We want them to hear the message that this hurts workers and the communities in which they live, work and spend.  It will reduce spending in the economy and make economic recovery last longer.

This pandemic has affected us all. But it is working people who have carried Australia through this time.

In plans for our economic recovery workers should be protected, massive public investment should get people back into work and the public services we all rely on and so many local government workers deliver, should be invested in.

How can I get involved?

  • Join ASU and local government members online this Thursday 15 October at 5:30pm to talk about how together we can protect wages, conditions and services. You can join the meeting here.
  • Commit to take an action:  e.g. hold a workplace meeting, ask your colleagues to sign the petition, join the ASU, share a post or photo on social media.
  • Sign the ACTU – For the Workers petition

We will be taking you through these campaign materials you can use in your workplace.

Are you on the North or North West of Tasmania? Click here for a list of activities occurring next week you can get involved in.

We’ll be posting and sharing members actions on Social Media next week, so remember to jump over and join the Tasmanian Local Government Facebook Page.

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