ASU members working in the community sector are sick of being treated as expendable on fixed-term contracts for what is clearly ongoing work.

The Essential Not Expendable campaign aims to make a condition of state government community sector funding that staff performing ongoing work are employed in an ongoing capacity.

ASU members say that this change will mean that you are not only more secure in your employment but that you’ll be able to get bank loans for houses and other expenses more easily.  And it will be virtually cost-free for your employer and the state government.

ASU community sector members have been pushing for this for a couple of years now. ASU delegates and officials have lobbied the state government on multiple occasions.

It’s time that the Andrews government agreed to the ASU Essential Not Expendable claims now.

  1. Secure Employment
    1. It should be a condition of funding that community sector agencies engage staff as ongoing staff rather than fixed-term.
    2. Casual employment should only be used for genuine casual vacancies.
  2. Workplace Fairness
    1. It should be a condition of funding that community sector agencies:
    2. Be bound by a codified DFFH dispute process similar to the COVID-19 dispute process
    3. Have a family violence policy approved between the DFFH, ASU
  3. Longer Funding Terms
    1. DFFH should fund agencies for at least 5 year terms (other than genuine pilot programs).
  4. Sector sustainability and Reform
    1. The state government should establish a community sector sustainability and reform committee chaired by the lead Minister and with members including, ASU, DFFH community sector peaks.

To arrange a meeting to discuss the Essential Not expendable campaign please contact your organiser or email

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