Workers engaged under the SCHCaDS Award at Community Health Centres now have portable long service leave across the broader community services sector and not just within CHCs.

This is due to members like you fighting to be included, as you were always intended to be, for the community sector-wide portable long service leave scheme.

CHC workers were not originally included due to issues with wording contained within the Regulations that accompany the Act that established the portable long service leave scheme.

At this stage eligibility for CHC workers in the scheme only goes back to 1 October 2020. This is not fair, and the ASU continue to fight for your eligibility for the PLSL scheme to be retrospective back to 1 July 2019 when the scheme started for other community sector workers.

It is not your fault that you were not originally included in the PLSL scheme and you should not have to pay the price.

For more information about the PLSL scheme, you can go to

This is a great win, too long coming and yet to be fully realised, but it does show what ASU members can achieve when we fight for fairness and equity.

If you have a colleague who is yet to become a member of the ASU please let them know about this win and ask them to join the ASU online.

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