Our focus on delivering for members at work is absolute – we work only for the benefit of members.

Each week we see wins for members in workplaces across Victoria and Tasmania. These wins come from successful bargaining that improve collective working conditions.

Just last week ASU members at Zinfra Contracting voted up their very first enterprise agreement. This ASU negotiated agreement provides improved conditions and entitlements, and higher wage rates than provided under the ETU agreement. A real win for ASU members.

The ASU also fights for members beyond the workplace – some wins can’t be achieved through negotiation with an employer.

From successful court action delivering $2.4 million to members from an employer trying to avoid paying redundancies, to sector wide change like the ASU Equal Pay Case that continues to boost member’s pay packets by thousands, we make a real difference to members’ lives.

The ASU is able to deliver big change because of the strength of our union.

Supported by expert negotiators, industrial law specialists and a union leadership skilled at influencing government, the ASU’s member driven campaigns achieve real results.

The reason for our success in getting great results is simple – along with our whole leadership team we fight for members every day both at workplaces and beyond.

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