The ASU Bargaining team have been negotiating with CoL regarding your pay and conditions at work. Several claims are yet to be discussed and we will be in touch in the coming weeks with details of union meetings to report back on progress.

The Bargaining Representatives meet with CoL again on Wednesday, during this meeting CoL notified bargaining representatives of a wages offer and advised this had been e-mailed directly to all staff.

The offer was summarised as follows:
Year 1 — An additional five days leave with no leave loading, pro-rata for part-time and 1.9% for casuals, on top of the loaded casual rate.
Year 2 — 1% increase, plus three days leave
Year 3 — 2.5% increase
Year 4 — 2.75% increase

The ASU claim that was tabled by members but was not accepted by CoL was:

  • A year one pay increase of 3% or a flat rate of $33.00 per week or CPI -whichever is the greater.
  • A further annual pay increase of 3.5% or a flat rate of $39.00 per week or CPI -whichever is the greater per year for the term of the EA.

To understand your feedback on the wages offer we ask you to complete this short survey asap.

We encourage you to share this e-mail with your non-member colleagues and ask them to join the ASU:

Your ASU Bargaining Team:
Jo Swan | 0400 373 845
Stuart Bucknell | 0478 708 824
Mick Arrowsmith | 0448 477 747
Peter Miller | 0409 737 250
Johnny Silczak | 0418 998 776
Michelle Crowden | 0428 015 555

If you have any questions please contact: your ASU Bargaining Team or
ASU Organiser Sam Batchelor | 0459 228 612

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