The Federal election is only weeks away and ASU members are already campaigning to change the government so we can change the rules.

Our union is particularly focused on three electorates, Corangamite (near Geelong), Dunkley (centred on Frankston) and Bass (in northern Tasmania). Each of these electorates is important to the outcome of the next election.

There have been local campaign kick-off events in each of these electorates and there was a strong ASU presence at each of them. The Corangamite kick-off was in February and in March ACTU secretary Sally McManus kicked off the campaign in Dunkley while the campaign in Bass was kicked off by ACTU president Michelle O’Neil.

In Frankston, ACTU secretary Sally McManus fired up the crowd, highlighting how our movement is already impacting change!  She talked of the media acknowledging Australia has an issue with wage theft and the Reserve Bank agreeing that Australian workers need a pay rise to improve the economy.  In Launceston, ACTU President Michelle O’Neil said we are ready to take action to change the government and win more secure jobs. And across the state, everyone knows that Tasmania needs a pay rise!

For members who live outside the three electorates of Dunkley, Corangamite and Bass, there is still very important campaigning to be done. Each and every vote will matter in the makeup of the Senate after this election. So talking to neighbours, friends, and family about changing the rules so working people can get a fair pay rise can make a real difference to our futures at work.

You can also let us know if you can get involved with phone banking, door knocking or staffing street stalls in one of our priority campaigns

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