For some time now members employed as Home and Direct Care workers at Frankston City Council (FCC) have had the frustration of not being able to bring client appointment times forward in the event of cancellations.

This has meant that members face having to try to find ways to fill in time between clients. This can be upwards of 1-2 hours.

FCC management have been unwilling to explore ways to alleviate this frustration, although they are fully aware of the problem as it has been regularly raised in the ASU sub-committee meetings.

Your ASU delegates, Wendy Thomas, Gillian DeJong and Nerina Dean have been determined however to get a resolution to this long standing issue.

A meeting was held on Tuesday 13 August with Jo Ferrie and HR manager Fran Boyd. Your delegates spoke in depth on their concerns regarding the restrictive practice of not being able to bring client appointment times forward prior to 10am.

It was agreed that this doesn’t always suit every client and consideration has to be given to those clients who are particularly vulnerable, have reasons for set times or who could potentially get confused.

Your delegates had many ideas to bring to the table and it was finally agreed that whilst FCC were not prepared to put anything into your proposed new enterprise agreement they would implement a trial.

This will see 6 staff members (2 across each of the 3 teams), participate in a 3 month trial. Once approval has been given by the office, those members will be able to contact their suitable clients to request the appointment time be brought forward.

After the trial period an analysis will be done on several factors, including how often this occurred and importantly whether changing the times created an issue for the clients.

This is a significant win for members and will hopefully lead to a long standing practice of members being trusted to know their clients and when it is appropriate to bring appointments forward.

FCC management will soon call for volunteers to participate and members are urged to put their hand up.

Members will be updated as the trial progresses.

Want to get the best outcomes possible at your workplace?

  • Participate in the trial
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