The very first family violence leave in an enforceable industrial agreement anywhere in the world was negotiated by our union in 2010.

Our aim is to make sure every worker has access to paid family violence leave if they need it.  And we are making real progress for ASU members in the Community Services Sector.

Paid family violence leave, together with other support at work, provides the time needed, without loss of pay, to relocate, seek legal assistance, provide care and support, and seek counselling to deal with the issues that come with family violence

A number of employers have resisted the inclusion of the ‘adverse action’ provisions which protect employees from discrimination based on their experience of family violence. The ASU is campaigning hard to make sure this protection is in place for every worker.

Our approach to negotiating family violence leave is pretty simple: the time for action on paid family violence leave is now.

The local government sector shows the success our union has had in including family violence leave into local agreements with almost every Victorian council agreement having a family violence clause.

The 20 days paid leave, is now in place within EA’s in around 60 agreements across Victorian Social and Community Services

Importantly, the ASU’s model clause for paid family violence leave includes provisions to help keep survivors of family violence safe at work. Victim survivors need support in their workplace as well as leave.  Support can come in the form of safety planning, changes to routines and methods of contact, and access to specialised counselling.

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