Just last week an ASU member working in the energy sector saw the value of having the ASU by your side.

The ASU member had received a written warning for raising legitimate health and safety concerns.

They were concerned about the provision of personal protective equipment and work practices during the pandemic.

But after the ASU got involved, the warning was withdrawn.

The member had communicated these concerns to his manager only to receive a written warning for having the audacity to raise them.

The ASU member had not refused a lawful or legitimate workplace instruction. They had just questioned the adequacy of health and safety practices.

An ASU organiser made short work of examing the documentation and identifying the main issue.

It is unlawful to harm an employee for exercising a legitimate workplace right. And there are severe consequences for an employer if they do.

The experienced organiser pointed out these facts to the employer, and the employer then agreed to withdraw the written warning.

The ASU was there with a practical and tailored response o the members need and by their side the whole time.

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