At a meeting held on 20 April, ASU members launched a campaign to bring fairness and security to the community sector.

The campaign slogan is Essential not Expendable and its aims are…

  1. Secure Employment
    1. It should be a condition of funding that community sector agencies engage their staff as on-going staff rather than fixed-term, other than for genuine fixed-term staff leave replacements.
  2. Workplace Fairness
    1. It should be a condition of funding that community sector agencies:
      1. Be bound by a codified DFFH dispute process similar to the COVID-19 dispute process.
      2. Have a family violence policy approved between the DFFH and the ASU.
      3. ASU to access staff as part of the agencies induction process
  1. Longer Funding Terms
    1. DFFH should fund agencies for at least 5 year terms ( other than genuine pilot programs ).
  2. Sector sustainability and Reform
    1. The state government should establish and resource a community sector sustainability and reform committee chaired by the lead Minister and with members including, ASU, DFFH community sector peaks.
    2. The committee should have oversight of;
      1. Sector-wide workforce issues/requirements
      2. Sector-wide training issues/requirements

The work that you do is essential, yet as you take on more responsibility and as educational requirements to work in the sector increase, your job security is decreasing.

Fixed-term employment is now endemic across the community sector and it is forcing workers to move through the sector looking for job security.  It’s not good enough and funding bodies and agencies need to address it.

If you would like to arrange a meeting at your workplace to discuss this campaign please get in touch with your ASU delegate, organiser or email us at

If you have colleagues who are yet to join the ASU, please direct them to where they can join online

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