As pandemic measures are put in place across our communities, delegates at Ermha have reported some positive feedback on their workplace’s responsiveness.

Delegates have been checking in with other active members in client supporting roles. Members have reported to delegates that they’re feeling supported to keep working with clients, being kept informed, feeling secure within their role, and this is allowing them to maintain support to clients safely.

Concrete measures that delegates reported are in place at Ermha shared include:

  • Social distancing – for home visits and outreach work
  • Access to online training for safer work procedures
  • Emptying the office of non-essential work force very quickly and prior to formal guidelines
  • Followed all DHHS guidelines promptly
  • All workers still getting shifts and being paid, as far as delegates aware
  • Implemented some safety precautions very quickly, meaning staff aren’t going to high risk environments such as hospitals, and modifying community engagement which could be dangerous or pose unnecessary risk.
  • Trying to make sure there have been minimal changes for clients
  • Pretty good (and improving) communication to staff and reps
  • Existing industrial concerns being acted on. For instance, whilst rostering still an issue and very tricky on top of all that is going on, there has been some attempt at consultation with the union. Members feel that whilst there are still many issues, it’s something that is being worked on.

Delegates are the foundation of good union structures in any workplace. At no time more than now are they so important. Ermha delegates – the ASU office loves your work, and looks forward to more of you coming on board real soon as we finalise delegate elections currently underway!

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