Today ERMHA Senior management cancelled an important meeting with Delegates, about work vehicles and other important safety and workplace issues at ERMHA.  This consultation meeting was established by ASU delegates to ensure important worker issues are discussed.

Today’s agenda included a discussion on vehicles, workplace safety and facilities and was cancelled by management due to their objection of former ASU ERMHA delegate ASU organiser Matt Steen being present with ASU Lead Organiser Jane Karslake.

The ASU has made it clear that employees’ representatives are not determined by the employer.

It’s your right to be consulted about major changes within the workplace and not just be told. Cars are an important tool in your role at ERMHA. Removing vehicles has implications for worker safety and efficiency. We already know that limited access to vehicles is impacting on client access to service.

Clients will be adversely affected by the decision to take cars away. Working together as a union we want to make sure ERMHA management understand the impact of ERMHA’s decision on their employees,  it’s unique role and brand.

Please share this notice with your colleagues and encourage them to Join the ASU and show support for the sector and its clients

If you have any further enquiries please contact your ASU delegates Michelle, Rick & Kim or your
ASU organiser Matthew Steen | | 0476550255

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