Removing the tools, we need to use to do our work is only going to make an extremely difficult Job harder, less efficient, and more unsafe.

All community mental health workers know how dangerous our work can be, there are too many risks for workers in this sector as it is. This can lead to increased insurance cost and other adverse effects on you personally.

Together we can stand up and advise ERMHA management how the removal of work use of vehicles will have an adverse effect on clients and workers.

Thanks to the ASU delegates who are representing member concerns on this issue across the organisation – Delegates at ERMHA have been working tirelessly to prevent this and strongly oppose it.

Please come along to the meeting to discuss this very important issue.

DATE: Friday 12 March
TIME: 5.30pm
VENUE: Sphinx Hotel, 2 Thompson Rd, North Geelong

For further information please contact: ASU Delegate Michelle Watt or
ASU Organiser Matthew Steen | 0476 550 233 |

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