The ASU has been informed that the proposed changes to the car system at ERMHA365 have not yet taken place. These changes will have significant impacts, forcing members to use personal cars for work purposes.

The ASU and your ASU delegates are concerned about the proposed changes to the car system at ERMHA and feel that there is a need for discussion surrounding them. We have contacted ERHMA to seek clarification on what consultation has occurred around these major changes. The ASU will be meeting with ERMHA365 management on Thursday 18/2/21 to discuss the proposed changes.

Also, the ASU is scheduling members meetings to discuss the impacts of the changes with ASU members, more information to come shortly.

Please check to see if your insurance will cover you for damages caused to your vehicle due to the nature of your work. If you are uninsured, please advise delegates and or your ASU organiser.

if you have any further information or enquiries please contact
ASU organiser Matthew Steen | | 0476 550 233

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