ERL has tabled a log of claims which details a change from the current full time 35 and 38 hour week employee arrangements to only a full time 38 hour week employee.  This proposal doesn’t stand alone, it incorporates other changes to the enterprise agreement (EA) around weekend rates and span of hours.

ERL will be conducting information sessions beginning the week of 23 August.  They have agreed to allow ASU meetings following each scheduled information session to unpack the proposal with members.

These meetings will give you an opportunity to hear the ASU perspective on this proposal, raise concerns, thoughts and other suggestions which we will present at the next bargaining meeting.  We will also go through other aspects of the employer log of claims and their responses to the ASU log.

At this stage these meetings will be online, we will confirm the ASU timeslot’s once we have confirmation from ERL regarding their meeting dates/times.

If you haven’t already done so please also fill in our short survey

A copy of our Log of claims can be found here, which will assist with your feedback in the survey.

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