You’re Invited: Equal Pay 7th Anniversary Celebration!

1 February is the anniversary of the handing down of the Equal Remuneration Order (ERO) for workers in the social and community services sector in 2012.  The ERO is the reason you get a pay rise in December.

To celebrate this great victory the ASU invite you to a BBQ Lunch.

DATE: Friday 1 February
TIME: 12.30pm – 1.30pm
VENUE: 68 Oxford Street, Collingwood, BBQ out the front of Launch/in the park

ASU members like you are the real reason you get that pay rise.  The Fair Work Commission didn’t just decide to give social and community services workers a pay rise. The union office ran the legal case to address the gender pay gap and setting wages closer to the true value of the work you perform. And you had to fight for it!

For those of you who were working in the sector in 2012 and before, you’ll remember that we rallied, lobbied, organised and danced. And won!

With great victories like the ASU Equal Pay decision and portable long service leave we have laid the path to become a great campaigning union. Together we can fight and win better wages and conditions that will help to allow you to be able to afford to continue working in the sector you love.

Wear red to mark the occasion, and commemorate members hard fought Equal Pay win anniversary.

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