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ASU’s Climate Action and Sustainability Network is supporting workers advocating for climate action in their workplaces.

ASU’s Climate Action and Sustainability Network is a place where worker-activists can come together to share tips on implementing climate clauses in enterprise agreements, setting up staff climate action groups, fighting for the health and safety of workers during climate crises such as excessive heat, floods, storms, and fires and the ongoing struggle to make Employers and Governments accountable for their impact on the environment.

 As unionists, a way to make change is by forcing employers, through campaigns and in enterprise agreements, to commit to environmental sustainability and climate action.  These actions are not only important for our own health and wellbeing but for future generations.

The system that hurts workers, is the same system that is killing our Earth and sees us dealing with devastating fires in Australia & California, catastrophic floods in Europe, unprecedented heatwaves in Canada, melting ice caps and glaciers, seawater levels, temperature, acidification increases, droughts in Africa affecting their food security.

Workers have an important part to play in the solution, and if we don’t get active on this, we will become the collateral. The capitalist system that currently governs both corporate and national interests is capable of shifting its focus from short term profit maximisation to an environmentally conscious and sustainable ideology, it just needs some motivation.

We cannot sit around waiting for others to act on climate change.

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