ASU Organiser, Ian Richardson, met with St John Ambulance management and the bargaining team for the latest round of bargaining for your new enterprise agreement on Wednesday last week.

St John Ambulance has proposed a change to the span of ordinary hours from the Union’s position of 8am to 6pm to instead request 7am to 7pm to create greater flexibility for workers with start and finish times.

We have agreement that Saturday is to be removed from ordinary hours, meaning the ordinary hours will return to Monday to Friday.

An in-principal agreement was reached to shorten the probation period to 3 months.

First Aid allowance is proposed to stay as an hourly rate but the Laundry allowance will be made a daily allowance to better reflect when laundering of a uniform is required.

The definition of immediate family for carers leave and family violence leave is to be expanded to include “any person to whom the employee has demonstrated is owed a similar moral duty” and to include kinship relationships.

St John Ambulance is offering 10 days of Family and Domestic Violence leave and has agreed to provide the same entitlement for part-time and casual staff (not pro-rata).

A workload management clause is to be added.

The wage increase is still under discussion, with St John Ambulance wanting to reflect on the latest CPI increase before determining their position.

A preview of the new position classifications was tabled but is still a work in progress.

We will continue to meet with management to progress negotiations on your key claims and will come back to you with further updates as they become available.

For more information please contact:
ASU Organiser Ian Richardson | 0429 004 237 |

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