Before bargaining for the CHW 2021 Agreement began, ASU members were clear that they wanted salary increases as well as fair and reliable application of leave, allowances and pay progression.

You asked and the ASU bargaining team including your great delegates have delivered: we’ve got in principle agreement on making pay progression fair and accessible; various allowances; salary increased 2% p/a; end of band payments; and increased cultural and ceremonial leave, among others.

With progression issues resolved, we’ve agreed to the classification restructure. See CHW’s document here. You’ll receive a letter from CHW soon about this.

We’ve also defeated attempts to reduce the notice that management give you when terminating your employment, and we continue to fight for strong dispute resolution.

There’s more to do but we’re confident the agreement will be finalized by September 30.

These good outcomes happened because union members like you made them happen – encourage your colleagues to join the ASU online today via

For further information please contact: Your ASU Delegate or
ASU Organiser Tim Sullivan | 0475 888 168 |

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