ASU members at Mission Australia are getting ready to negotiate a new enterprise agreement.

Do you want Mission Australia to have some of the best conditions in the sector? Do you want to raise your issues with management in a positive, productive way? This is your chance to make positive change in your workplace.

What is an Enterprise Agreement?
An enterprise agreement is an agreement between an employer and their employees that sets out the employees pay and conditions. Your enterprise agreement affects everything in your work – how much you get paid to how, your rights in redundancy, and how Mission Australia management will consult you if they make changes to your work.

Enterprise agreements need to be renegotiated every few years. If Mission Australia employees work together, we can win better pay, improved conditions and resolve problems in our workplace. But management can try to make changes to the enterprise agreement too. We need your help to make sure any changes are fair.

How do we get the best results? Get involved in your union – the ASU
The ASU is the union for community sector workers. Our members come together to build a better life in our workplaces and in our society.

In 2019, ASU members across Australia will be working together to win a fair Mission Australia enterprise agreement. We need you too! Talk to your colleagues and ask them to join the union.

To discuss the upcoming EBA or organise a site visit contact
ASU Tasmanian Coordinator Kath Ryman | 0429 004 237 |

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