Earlier this week, Brighton Council jumped the gun and commenced Enterprise Bargaining without your union present. Council have assured us that they will now make sure that our members’ voices are heard in future meetings.

But, now we need to hear from you. What is important to you in this process? Complete our short survey here.

At the bargaining meeting this week, Council tabled a document that professed to represent wage increases across the State, however, they had grossly underestimated the true wage rises won by workers and union members across the State. In many cases, the CPI safety net had not been included in wage increases in this document. Should you see a copy of it, please disregard it; the best wage rises won across the state were:
2017 | 4.0%; not 2.5%
2018 | 4.0%; not 2.5%
2019 | 4.0%; not 3.0%
2020 | 3.6%; not 3.4%
2021 | 3.5%

With the rising cost of CPI in Hobart (5.8%) we know that many workers are feeling the pinch. Good wage increases and fair conditions into the future are more important than ever.

With Local Government Reform also afoot it is a good time to remind your workmates to join the ASU, the only union for Local Government workers across Tasmania. With thousands of Local Government workers just like you across the State, we can work together to see Local Government thrive. We can protect and win good pay, conditions and a safe place of work.

In the coming weeks, the ASU will be visiting your workplace and we encourage you to attend these meetings. Please invite your non-member workmates along. Note: Only members will endorse the final Log of Claims to be tabled with Council management.

Stay tuned for more, and in the meantime, don’t forget to complete the survey.

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