The Victorian Government’s Public Sector Wages Policy restricts wage increases to a maximum of 2% per year. This policy holds down wages at a critical time as we begin the economic recovery from the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic in Australia. 

The Australian Services Union has been the most prominent critic of this policy that is holding down wages while politicians are receiving pay raises. 

Despite this, ASU members at VicRoads have negotiated an enterprise agreement that correctly recognises the value of their work and improves several important conditions of employment. 

Key components of the agreement include: 

  • 2% payrises per year 
  • A $1100 patience in bargaining payment to compensate for the delay 
  • Annual flexibility payments starting at $700 
  • Significant improvements to parental leave, superannuation on parental leave, and compassionate leave 
  • A new clause ensuring staff get adequate setup time before serving customers 
  • Commitments to work with ASU to develop strategies on workplace bullying, diversity and inclusion, mental health, and break adherence 

The improvements to parental leave are significant, with primary carers leave increased from 14 to 16 weeks and superannuation to be paid on all paid and unpaid parental leave up to 52 weeks. 

These improvements to the existing enterprise agreement were only possible through the dedication of ASU delegates and the bargaining team, and because of the power of ASU members standing together. 

The enterprise agreement is still to go through final approval and a ballot of all staff, but once approved by the Fair Work Commission, the first pay increase will be backdated to 23 December 2020. 

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