Negotiation for a new enterprise agreement is happening right now at VicRoads, and ASU members are active and getting involved as we negotiate a new agreement.

Members of our union fill essential roles at VicRoads, including conducting vehicle licence tests.

Through the worst of the pandemic, these workers, their delegates and Health and Safety Representatives made sure they were provided with a safe workplace.

And when that could not be provided, licence tests stopped except those conducted on compassionate grounds.  And through it all the ASU was by their side.

They are bringing that same sense of purpose to the enterprise agreement negotiations where they are using our collective strength to protect their interests and deliver better outcomes.

The message to management from these dedicated workers is don’t want a bar of management’s proposal to move staff between sites.

As we continue our fight for better pay and conditions at VicRoads, we have made sure management knows of the strong opposition the proposal to move workers between sites.

It’s been a tough slog at VicRoads, but as a result of the unity of ASU members, we are getting there with the new agreement.

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