Negotiations are continuing for new enterprise agreements for the sales and admin teams at RACT with the ASU meeting with other bargaining representatives on Tuesday this week, 28 May 2019. This week’s meeting was quite productive and we are now waiting on a draft enterprise agreement from management to see how the matters we have discussed to date appear in the new EA.

There are a number of matters that we need to seek advice from our members on.  We ask that members respond to ASU Organiser Aaron De La Torre via with any feedback in relation to the below matters:

  1. Splitting the agreement in two.
    RACT want to separate RACT Travel from this agreement and have them on their own agreement which would be negotiated at the same time as the RACT agreement.


  1. The length of the agreement.
    Management are seeking a four year agreement for RACT and a two year agreement for RACT Travel.  The ASU and AMWU have been asking for a three year agreement but have been asked to canvass our members in relation to locking in a four year agreement for employees employed directly by RACT under this agreement.


  1. Wage increases.
    RACT management are offering a wage increase of 2.6% in July 2019 and an increase in line with CPI in the following years (with a minimum increase of 2% as a safety net). The ASU is concerned that this is not enough but need feedback from members in relation to this offer.


  1. Removal of annual leave loading for RACT employees.
    Management are flagging their preference to remove the annual leave loading payment made in December each year with a view to incorporating it into the base wage in the first year of this agreement. Members have previously told us that they want the leave loading paid in December. RACT Travel employees will be unaffected by this chance as RACT Travel management have advised they do not wish to proceed this way.


  1. Parental Leave Improvements.
    To obtain improvements in the parental leave clause management are asking for a trade-off. Management have agreed in principle to provide superannuation payments for twelve months on wither paid or unpaid parental leave as long as you give up the parental leave return incentive. The changes would be beneficial overall and would ensure that women retire with significantly more money than they do under the current arrangements.


  1. Rejection of Family Violence Leave claim
    RACT have rejected the AS claim for 10 days paid family violence leave, stating that they would prefer to maintain a policy around this leave type instead of locking it into the EA. Whilst management are going to provide a draft policy to bargaining representatives we want your thoughts on whether you accept this move or not, bearing in mind that policies can be changed by management at any time in the future.

The remainder of our claims have progressed well and we will have a full report in our next communication once we reach in principle agreement over clause wording.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Aaron De La Torre | 0427 813 821 |

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