Bargaining for your new enterprise agreement (EA) is now completed. At meetings in July members advised they wanted a better wage offer and improvement in allowances.

Since then, we have improved the wage offer however the allowance entitlements remain the same. This was only achieved through the hard work and dedication of your ASU delegates!

The ASU is currently reviewing the final draft agreement and once this is completed council will move to put the EA out to vote. Further advice on this will be provided once details are known.

EA improvements in this offer include:

  • Wage increases:
    • 2% or $25 whichever is greater per annum
  • Introduction of a 9-day fortnight for depot members
  • Access to the Public Sector Gender Equality Commissioner
  • Improvements to workplaces processes including employment security, workforce planning and fixed term contract reviews
  • 3 days natural disaster leave
  • Paid leave and support for members undergoing gender affirmation

The pandemic created trying circumstances that delegates and members pushed through with success, with meetings being both online and in person.  A massive thank you and acknowledgment to your ASU delegates Kelli, Chris, Barry and Steve for their hard work throughout this process.

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