The ASU has members in diverse industries, united for a stronger voice for workers.

One of the ASU’s largest areas of membership in Tasmania is the Qantas Contact Centre in Goodwood.

These members have recently been required to make decisions about their future with Australia’s national airline. The company unexpectedly offered voluntary redundancies to staff in their global contact centres.

The ASU was heavily involved in a two month long process of consultation during which we obtained detailed information about the new operating model for the contact centre in Tasmania.

We undertook to protect the jobs of those choosing to remain in the company at this site by ensuring a realistic number of redundancies were offered.

Following the consultation process, 77 employees (60 full time equivalent positions) were offered redundancies and many of these employees have already begun leaving the business. There were no compulsory redundancies.

The ASU believes that this process has ensured the ongoing viability of the contact centre into the medium and long terms. The company plans to move towards an operating model which sees Consultants in Hobart taking phone calls from premium Frequent Flyer members and dealing with other customer relations tasks.

The ASU protects, promotes and improves the working conditions and entitlements of members.

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