Energy Australia has commenced the process of restructuring the maintenance and assets team. It is predominately the planners affected by this proposed change, but at this point, we are not sure where these changes will end.

We have been in consultation with Energy Australia about these changes since February and still have some unanswered questions. We have scheduled a meeting for all affected members from all the affected unions to hear your concerns, and present them back to management.

DATE: Tuesday 3 May
TIME: 10am – 11am
VENUE: Learning Centre, Moondarra Room

Management has said that they will be moving forward with this proposal regardless but are happy to discuss it further after this meeting.

Make yourself available and attend the above scheduled paid meeting if you have any concerns about these changes or any of the effects that may follow.

It pays to be a Union, together we are stronger, ask a co-worker to join the ASU, at:

For further information please contact: ASU Delegate Danny Shine or
ASU Organiser Colin Houghton | 0475 553 996 |

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