In a world that seems to leave more and more people behind, our dedicated Community Services Members play a pivotal role in strengthening the fabric of our society. Our members face many challenges and the first step in making things better usually involves a Union Delegate who is well trained.

Meet Lena—a dedicated community worker who seized the opportunity to attend ASU Delegate training. After learning negotiation strategies, industrial rights, and effective communication techniques, Lena returned to her role primed and ready to go!

Soon after, a potential position description shift threatened heavier workloads without added benefits. Drawing on her training, Lena rallied her colleagues and engaged in productive discussions with management. Employing newfound negotiation skills, she advocated for her team’s concerns, resulting in a balanced compromise that preserved the well-being of her colleagues.

Lena’s story exemplifies the significance of ASU Delegate training. Armed with skills and knowledge, workers become proactive agents of change that shape their workplace.

If you are not yet an ASU Delegate, take the first step by contacting us so we can guide you.

If you are an ASU Delegate, remember, employers are able to take advantage of workers when they don’t know their rights. Make sure you know your rights by signing up for any of the various training courses we offer!

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