With less than a year to the next state election, the ASU is calling on the Andrews Government to commit to funding secure, better paid, and better trained jobs for all members.

ASU members know all too well the impact of bad government decisions on the livelihoods of Victorians. From the disastrous rate capping policy to the recklessness of short term funding cycles in social and community services— the Andrews Government has left ASU members behind in treacherous conditions.

The next budget is the government’s chance to begin again and restore faith to Victorian workers. Our submission provides numerous ways they can do so; including the abolition of rate capping, , an upgrade to the ever-popular Municipal Building Surveyors Program, an end to fixed term employment for on-going positions in community services and short term funding contacts, and better recognition of and action against entrenched gender inequity.

Our submission highlights the job insecurity which is growing state-wide, but especially in the industries of ASU members. This insecurity— whether it be the outsourcing of jobs through labour hire, the use of short term contracts, budgetary restrictions which do not allow for wage growth or insufficient training opportunities— is a betrayal of this government’s core stated values. We expect and deserve better from a Labor government and will continue to campaign and lobby for the proposals outlined in our submission in the lead-up to the budget and the Victorian election, which as of today is only one year away.

The Andrews government knows they cannot expect to be re-elected while offering nothing new to Victorian workers. This budget may well be the last time this government gets to champion its values and deliver for ASU members. We are counting on them to do so, and will continue to keep you updated as the situation develops.

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