Next week, all employees will vote on whether to approve the new enterprise agreement. The vote opens on 1 March and closes 3 March. We encourage all members vote yes in this ballot!


The vote is the last step in a long fight for fair pay and conditions at Hume City Council. Congratulations to delegates and members on a fantastic EA outcome!

As a result of your activism and solidarity, you won:

  1. Upon the EBA getting voted up back, pay increases backdated to July 2021 within the first 4 weeks, 2% in July 2022, 2023 and 2024.
  2. Increases to all allowances for each year of the agreement.
  3. No loss or undermining of any existing conditions
  4. New Transition to retirement clause with a range of options.
  5. New right to disconnect clause to allow workers to disengage from work and not answer calls.
  6. Employment Security Strict limits on the use of short-term contracts, max two years.
  7. New Pandemic leave entitlement
  8. Emergency Leave increased from 1- 3 days.
  9. 20 days paid gender transition leave per year
  10. New Casual conversation clause.
  11. Labour Hire and Agency Staff clause, Review of the positions currently held by agency staff with a view to directly employ staff in permanent or temporary positions, as far as is practicable, subject to operational requirements.
  12. Better entitlements to parental leave and IVF paid leave.

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ASU Organiser Sean McCourt |

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