Council have increased their EBA offer which is now:

  • 1st year – 1.25% or $20 per week whichever is the greater
  • 2nd year – 1.5% or $20 per week whichever is the greater
  • 3rd year – 1.5% or $20 per week whichever is the greater

It is 0.5 of a percent better over 3 years than the last offer however it will only benefit you if you are a Band 6 or above as even with the higher percentage most of you will still only get $20 per week!

We have advised management that we will not be recommending this offer, but they were very keen that we put the offer to you for your consideration.

We will be holding meetings again to discuss this latest offer:

You are welcome to attend whichever meeting suits you e.g., if a Direct Care Worker cannot attend the 5pm meeting you are welcome to attend the meeting at the Depot or Civic Centre.

Non-members are welcome to attend but are required to abstain from voting.

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If you would like further information please contact your ASU Delegate or contact ASU Member Contact Centre on or 1300 855 570

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