Preparatory to this Thursday’s meeting we are circulating the latest offer from management to allow for a more meaningful discussion about its merits.

The following is a without prejudice offer; no in-principle agreement has been struck as this is something we feel requires your direction. The offer is simply as put by management with the proposed revisions and additions coming out of our last meeting. Management for their part has indicated that this is effectively their final offer and is in the settlement of all outstanding claims.

The earlier offer of 27 May 2022, previously rejected by members can be read here.

In addition, following our last meeting your employer has increased what they are offering in light of increased pressures of inflation. You can read the improvements here.

We have also been provided with a number of proposed clauses.

Importantly your employer has clarified that the 5.5% buffer on salary for the purposes of scope is on the basic weekly salary, clarified that there will be no red-circling to any employee and reverted to the original wording of the clause dealing with people on TRPs being not disadvantaged against the EA.

Other proposed clauses can be read here.

A number of members have requested a full draft of the agreement. We are unable to do so at this point as drafting changes that reflect the current offer have not been provided. Once the ASU have a completed draft and has checked it we will be happy to circulate one.

Please attend the meeting this Thursday if at all possible. It is important to get all members’ feedback.

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For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Jonathan Smallbone |

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