Protected Industrial Action Ballot!

By now you should have all received the ballot for the Protected Industrial Action which opened on Monday 11 July.

The ballot question is simply 1 question asking if you endorse the proposed actions- Yes or No.

The ASU is encouraging a YES vote

It is important to remember that by voting YES, it gives us the option of participating in all of the actions. We may only need to do a handful of them, depending on how ERL responds. 

Once the ballot concludes and is hopefully successful, we will regroup to look at all the actions and group them into 3 categories;

  • Those that we will commence with (typically easier actions such as wearing a badge)
  • Those that we can escalate to after some time
  • Those that we will hold off till the end

We want an agreed escalation of actions – and rest assured you as members will be consulted with and determine what we do and when!

We are also required to provide 3 clear days to the employer prior to commencing any action.

During those 3 days if ERL raise concerns about possible breaches of internal policy our team of lawyers will be ready to respond.

There is no need to worry!

How does the Vote work?

For our ballot for protected industrial action to be successful, it requires us to overcome two hurdles;

  • Firstly 50% plus 1 of eligible voters to Vote (that means we MUST have over 50% of the membership participating in the vote, whichever way they chose to vote- of course we want members to VOTE YES)
  • Then we require 50% plus 1 of those who voted to VOTE YES for the ballot to be successful

Suggestions for posters/slogans

We also want to get members’ ideas on slogans that we can use for posters and book slips that we can start preparing now.

For this, we have a super short survey for you to fill in some suggestions.

We want to thank members for their continued engagement and commitment to achieve safe and fair working conditions and pay.

For more information please contact
Lorraine Di Pietrantonio | 0400 986 745 |

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