Your ASU delegates Robin and Steph, along with organiser Lorraine met with representatives of ERL on Tuesday 22nd of March.

We provided management with the package members endorsed via the recent meetings and survey. A copy can be found here.

Management committed to providing a response in a fortnight’s time, along with a draft document for review.

They also advised that they don’t believe another meeting is required and they would like to move to vote in future, however, indicated they “won’t be rushing into this”.

We have informed management, that members are considering industrial action and the decision to initiate action is dependent on management’s response to our proposal.

Options moving forward

  1. Support the EA; if members are satisfied with the offer
  2. Run a NO vote; encouraging members to vote NO on the ballot, which ensures the agreement is not successfully endorsed and we go back to the negotiation table.
  3. Take industrial action; this could occur concurrently with a No Vote or prior, depending on timeframes of access period and voting.

We will need to regroup and obtain your feedback and direction, so stay tuned for some upcoming meetings!

What else can be done?

It is a critical point in the negotiation and if we proceed to industrial action then you must be a union member for it to be protected.  Talk to your co-worker about joining your union!   Membership benefits (

For more information please contact
ASU Organiser Lorraine Di Pietrantonio| | 0400 986 745

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