The ASU has concluded the update meetings where we discussed the current wages offer from management.

There was some robust discussion in one of the meetings. A number of members within that group indicated that since the last vote (where members chose between wrapping up or ramping up) a lot had changed internally- specially around 9 day fortnights.

There was a strong sentiment at that meeting that members may have moved away from their initial position of wanting to wrap up the negotiations and wanted first to secure 9-day fortnights within the EA.

As such we have put together this short survey (  to obtain the thoughts of the majority of the membership.

Please note the current wages offer is;

Year 1 (22/23)- 2% or $28 whichever is higher
Year 2 (23/24)- 90% of the rate cap which equates to 2.97% or $28 whichever is higher
Year 3 (24/25)- 2% or $28 or 90% of the rate cap
Year 4(25/26)- 2% or $28 or 90% of the rate cap (an additional year that ERL have recently included within email correspondence)

In relation to 9 day fortnights; there is no outright entitlement to this within the current EA. Some members may have this provision included within their letters of offers, others may not.  The current offer also provides for an undertaking/MOU (an agreement not within the EA) that 9 day fortnights will continue as per below (email extract from ERL).

“ for the period of the EA that our employees would be on a 9 day fortnight, apart from:

Managers and Team Leaders who accept a position advertised with an ADO

Specialist roles (e.g. Admin) who accept a position advertised with an ADO”

We discussed 3 potential options at each of the meetings and wish to know your position

They are;

  1. Accept the 90% but push back on the additional year that ERL added on, so maintaining an expiry of 24/25
  2. Accept the additional year of the EA to 25/26 but only at 100% of the rate cap
  3. Take industrial action (striking) until we secure 9 day fortnights within the EA

Please follow this  link (  and select your preference.  This survey will be open over the easter break.

If you weren’t able to attend one of the meetings and need some clarification on the above please reach out to one of your delegates.

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