Esha, Rachael and Lucy are delegates at Eastern Domestic Violence Outreach Centre (EDVOS) and work with women and children experiencing family violence. Working in family violence can be challenging and requires dedicated specialist workers.

As a rapidly growing sector, Esha, Rachael and Lucy feel that looking after and respecting workers in the sector is paramount to maintaining a talented and committed workforce.

Lucy first became a delegate to pursue her passion for worker wellbeing and worker rights. At EDVOS she has worked hard to increase ASU membership and tripled the number of ASU delegates! Lucy tells us that she’s so proud of her co-delegates at EDVOS and that they share the same values on workers’ rights as her!

For Rachael being a delegate is a natural choice, saying “for those of us who work in the social justice space standing up for others, striving for equality and fairness, and holding authority to account is something we live and breathe every day”.

As trained and supported delegates, they have applied their knowledge of best practise in workers’ terms and conditions. This knowledge has been particularly valuable implementing initiatives to improve workers’ wellbeing and at times when their employer is implementing change or introducing new policies.

Rachael, Esha and Lucy have hit the nail on the head when they liken their paid employment to their roles as ASU delegates. And we acknowledge the amazing integrated roles they play.

If you have a similar passion for worker’ rights and want to become an ASU workplace delegate, contact your organiser or the Member Contact Centre on 1300 855 570.

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