The Australian Services Union is recommending that everyone vote yes to extending your current Enterprise Agreement.

We see this as the most responsible and reasonable way forward.

We know that you are continuing to deliver services despite the ongoing bushfire recovery and now the health crisis known as COVID-19. We asked your management team to take the proposal to extend your agreement to your CEO.

We can now report back that there is an in-principle agreement.

What’s next? 

  1. You have seven days to look at the extension and ask us questions
  2. You then get to vote yes or no on the proposal
  3. If a majority of people vote yes then we sign documents for Fair Work Australia on your behalf.
  4. Once Fair Work has approved our application to extend then we have approval this October for you to get another 2% or $25
  5. We keep all the issues you raised in meetings about leave, banding, ohs etc on file
  6. Next year we check in with you again at meetings to update your claims and start a full negotiation for a three-year Agreement.

The Offer:
*Vary expiry date to 30 June 2021
*Pay rise 2% or $25 per week in October 2020
*Resume talks in 2021.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Cindy O’Connor |

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