Your union is working hard to make sure that workers in East Gippsland get the support you need and deserve.

We congratulate you for your incredible work during the bushfires and we know that you are still working on bushfire recovery. This extra work will continue for many months.

Frontline essential work like yours means that roads are open, bushfire waste is being disposed of safely, playgrounds and public toilets are being managed according to COVID-19 health controls and that when your Libraries & Arts Centres re-open they will be in great condition for the people who are missing these services so much already.

Your union is here to help you with the COVID-19 health crisis. We know that there are OHS (Occupational Health & Safety) issues and Industrial Relations questions about pay, leave and other conditions.

All this requires consultation between your employer and the workforce. We raised all your work questions with our union leadership. Branch Secretary Lisa Darmanin wrote to your CEO on Friday seeking an urgent response.

Lisa said to the CEO ‘the most effective control of a viral pandemic is to implement social distancing. This means that where practical workers should be supported to work from home. ‘

Your collective agreement that covers your pay rise and entitlements is due for renewal on June 30 2020. Thank you to everyone who came to our meetings in February so we could put together a list of claims.

We have raised these issues in our meetings with your employer. We flagged at the first meeting that we would consider doing a twelve-month extension with a pay rise and put everything else on hold until next year.

We thought that you had all been through enough pressure during the fires and at our first meeting the Air Quality was still very smoky. It was decided that we would try to keep negotiating.

Since COVID -19 physical distancing restrictions came in we have raised the extension with a pay rise option again. This time the management representatives agreed to take this to your CEO for consideration on March 25.  We are waiting for a response.

Please sign the union petition to get paid special leave for all workers in our families and communities:

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Cindy O’Connor |

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