EACH fails to provide change consultation for members and their representatives – breaching Enterprise Agreement.

ASU members have been contacting the ASU in large numbers in relation to serious concerns regarding the extension of the Early Intervention Psychosocial Support Response (EIPSR) tender and their confusion over the process going forward.

Members’ confusion is a result of EACH not providing the required Change Impact Statement or following the mandatory process of consultation.

The ASU wrote to CEO Peter Ruzlya on May 3 seeking a Change Impact Statement for staff and their representatives, including details on the process for potential redeployment or redundancy, and timelines for this major change. This is a mandatory requirement under the Community Health Centre (Stand Alone Services) Social and Community Services Employees Multi Enterprise Agreement 2013-2015 (EA)

The response from Peter Ruzlya stated that regular communication regarding the tender had been communicated to affected staff, but details could not be communicated until the contract details were received. This was sent on May 8.

The CEO also stated that;
“In due course, staff will be provided with full details about the coming process for this contract and all consultation processes will be adhered to in line with our standard practice and obligations under the appropriate Enterprise Agreement and relevant Policy. A formal Change Impact Statement naturally forms part of this consultation process and EACH will communicate further information with staff and their representatives as soon as this is developed.”

On Monday May 20, the ASU received information from members that all positions have been loaded on the Intranet and “Closing dates are varied, Support worker roles close 21 May, Housing worker, Peer workers and another role close 24 May.  Program lead & Team leader roles have already closed.”

Where is the consultation and Change Impact Statement?

The ASU has now written again to CEO Mr Ruzlya stating that EACH are in breach of the current EBA Clause 13 “Consultation” and we will be lodging this as a dispute in the Fair Work Commission.

The ASU again reminded Mr Ruzlya that, as per Dispute Resolution Clause 12, “work shall continue normally in accordance with custom and practice existing before the grievance arose while discussions take place”.

The ASU has requested that the Changes proposed cease immediately until this matter can be resolved in the Fair Work Commission.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Madeleine Henderson | 0409 677 506 | mhenderson@asuvictas.com.au

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