The ASU has received confirmation today of the dates for the voting process for your new EBA.

Under the Fair Work Act, all staff must have a minimum 7 days access period to read the proposed EBA, and put any questions to management arising from the content.

After the access period, your employer must provide all employees, including those on leave, work-cover, parental leave an opportunity to vote in the ballot.

You will receive information about the process from your employer on Tuesday 2 April.

EACH will be providing information sessions, and the ASU are hoping to be included in these to ensure members can access their representatives with any queries.

The ballot will be conducted online via a survey.

The 7 days access period will be from Monday 8 April – Monday 15 April.

The final ballot will be open to all staff on Tuesday 16 April and closes Thursday 2 May. This allows staff away on leave for Easter to have an opportunity to vote.

For the EBA to be approved, EACH requires 50% plus one of TOTAL VOTES to vote yes.

The ASU encourages all members to vote yes in support of this agreement.

Your ASU delegates have committed an enormous amount of time and energy into getting this agreement to parity with the Community Health Multi Employer Agreement, and we believe we have negotiated an excellent new agreement.

Once the ballot is completed, and the Agreement is approved, it will be sent to the Fair Work Commission for final approval.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Merri Blair | 0458 884 503 |

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