At the Fair Work Conciliation regarding the interpretation of Easter Saturday in the Enterprise Agreement, held on May 9, the ASU was instructed to seek feedback from members as to escalating the dispute or accepting the reversal of the TIL granted.

The ASU have consulted with members at EACH via email, phone and meetings and have responded to Fair Work today, confirming that members do not wish to escalate the dispute to a formal hearing.

The ASU acknowledge that this is a “one off” for 2019 as the new Enterprise Agreement will provide absolute clarity:

“In respect of Easter Saturday, a full-time Employee who ordinarily works everyday Monday to Friday and who does not work on Easter Saturday, shall be entitled to one day’s pay in respect of Easter Saturday or where there is mutual consent, within four weeks following the date on which such public holiday occurred the Employee may take one day off in lieu or have one day added to their annual leave.”

The ASU wants to thank members and delegates for their support and feedback throughout this matter.

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