Bargaining for a new Enterprise Agreement (EA) at Benalla Rural City Council has started to get some legs.

The ASU has tabled members’ log of claims (click here for more detail and a copy of the ASU log).

Council is working their way through providing formal responses to various items, with a high number of items requiring further discussion at this stage, some hard no’s and some items with positive noises coming across the (virtual) table.

Council presented their log this week, relatively short, with a pay offer as follows:

  • 1.75% per annum
  • No dollar amount
  • Pay increase to be applied when agreement in principle is reached or a Yes vote

(The ASU notes this has not yet been provided in writing, so relying on a verbal report from meeting on 14 September.)

Council’s representative stated that the offer was based on financial position and revenue available to council.

The ASU has sought more information on the details of this and on why a dollar amount isn’t being offered.

Council has also indicated they wish to make changes to the casual conversion clause, EFT clause in Part B and hours of work where working from home is requested by staff.

We will provide more detail on these items once council has provided this in writing.

The ASU will be ensuring that we have a full set of info to come back to members and discuss the progress in bargaining once we have some further detail exchanged with council.

In the meantime, please chat with your delegates with any questions or feedback so far.

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Tash Wark
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