ASU Delegates at Greater Western Water today notified the ASU Branch that members are being invited to individual meetings about ‘EA Pathways Remuneration Mapping’, setting out the classification of those transitioning to the City West Water Enterprise Agreement.

Members are advised that we don’t believe that you’re required to sign this document during the meeting. Instead, we suggest advising that you intend to take some time to read it over and consider the contents.

Once you’ve found your classification in the letter, have a look at Schedule 2 of the CWW agreement and find the Work Level Descriptors for your proposed new classification. That agreement is here:

If you believe that this accurately describes the type of work that you do, with no loss in pay, then you may wish to sign and return the document.

If you believe that the Work Level Descriptor does not match the type of work that you do, or if there’s a loss in pay, speak to one of your delegates or the ASU Member Contact Centre (details below).

If you’ve been involved in discussions about Individual Flexibility Arrangements (IFAs), you’ll soon hear about what the ASU has been working on in the background.

Lastly, today Delegates formed a plan to grow the union at GWW! The best way that you can help is to forward this link to your not-yet-union colleagues and encourage them to join up:

For further information or to speak to someone about your Remuneration letter please contact:
ASU Member Contact Centre | 1300 855 570 |

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