ASU Organiser Aaron De La Torre met with employee bargaining representatives from Brighton Council as well as Janine Banks on Thursday this week to progress negotiations for your new enterprise agreement.  We are pleased to advise that negotiations are progressing well and are heading firmly in the right direction.

At our previous EA meeting the ASU tabled our log of claims with the 10 claims from the list of claims that Aaron presented to members earlier this year which had majority support from ASU members. In addition to this log of claims the ASU tabled 17 other clauses which needed administrative changes to be made to avoid interpretational differences in the future or to clarify the intention of the clause.

All in all, Brighton Council management have accepted the vast majority of our claims, with the exception of bringing back the 9 day fortnight for all employees or implementing paid parental leave for parents temporarily leaving the workforce to care for newborn children.

On the list of accepted claims is:

  • A pay rise of 2.5% or CPI, whichever is the greater in each case, for the next three years (2019,2020 and 2021)
  • Fixing the issues with your dispute resolution clause such that the Commission is happy that a process exists to deal with disputes relating to any work-related matter.
  • For higher duties allowance to be paid after ‘one day or more’ in a higher role so that you are paid appropriately when you complete one full day at a higher classified role.
  • The introduction of an annual uniform allowance so that indoor staff can update and renew their uniform if they choose to wear one.
  • An increase in compassionate leave if you need to travel interstate or further abroad. 5 days of leave will be available on each occasion in these cases.


Management are providing further consideration on whether they can accept a proposed amendment to the consultation clause so that consultation occurs with employees and their representatives prior to a final decision being made to introduce major change which has significant impact on employees, such as redundancies. It seems very likely that they will agree with this approach.

There has been no mention of any reduction of existing terms and management have not tabled any claims of their own for things that they wish to change in this round of bargaining.

The ASU is confident that a deal will be finalised that is acceptable to members and represents a good outcome.  We have asked that the bargaining process be finalised during December and January and that a vote take place in early February once the majority of employees heading away on leave over Christmas and New Year are back to work.

We will keep members up to date on progress as we proceed from here and we would encourage you to provide this newsletter to your colleagues so that they too can be kept up to date and can see what YOUR union is doing in your workplace.

For further information in relation to negotiations please contact:
ASU Organiser Aaron De La Torre | 0427 813 821 |

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