Health and Safety Reps across VicRoads have issued numerous Provisional Improvement Notices (PINs) to Management yesterday regarding the insistence to continue with drive tests.

The ASU was poised to support HSRs to issue cease works today, but is happy to report to members that drive tests will largely be shut down today. Members should be advised of this shortly by local Management.

The ASU has been advocating strongly to VicRoads and the government on this matter and is glad to see common sense prevail.

Some further measures will be introduced today in CSCs to improve social distancing. This includes shutting down a portion of counters to ensure safer distances can be maintained.

Please note the government has advised that some limited drive testing will continue to meet the needs of vulnerable groups, or to provide a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, more details on this will be provided shortly.

Further discussions will be held this morning between union officials and VicRoads. Top of the agenda will be ASU pushing for payment of agency staff as per VROs, given the long-standing arrangements the majority of agency workers have with VicRoads.

The ASU will continue to keep you and other ASU members at VicRoads updated as these matters unfold further.

If you are concerned about the management of this issue at your site please contact:
ASU Organiser Matt Price | 0407 362 764 |

In the meantime, if you are seeking advice about COVID-19, please first go to:

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