Last year the Legislative Council released the final report into recycling and waste management.  The committee made 46 recommendations. Some of those recommendations will affect Councils.

You can read all the committee’s recommendations here.

The government has already commenced implementing the recommendations. A recent example is the announcement of the introduction of a separate bin for glass recycling.

The ASU supports initiatives by the government in relation to the impact of recycling and waste management on climate change. We have seen the mess that privatisation and leaving it to market forces has created. Doing the best for the environment and the community should be the motivator, not profit.

We are advocating for local government to be funded properly to deliver better services and create good local jobs for our members. To do this effectively we need input from our members who manage waste and recycling contracts.

We are holding a meeting next week; would you be able to come along?

DATE: Wednesday 18 March
TIME: 3.30pm
VENUE: ASU Office, 116 Queensberry St, Carlton South.

** Please contact ASU Organiser Martin McDonald on the details below to let us know what’s happening in your Council and to RSVP for the meeting.**

What else can you do?

For further information please contact one of your local ASU Delegates or
ASU Organiser Martin McDonald | 0418 513 379 |

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