The ASU has been advised that Djirra emailed all staff a direction to take annual leave on December 23 and 24 2019. 

Contrary to HR’s email, Djirra employees can not be directed to take annual leave during a shut down under the Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services Award 2010 or the National Employment Standards underpinning the Award. 

An employee can still agree to take annual leave, annual leave in advance or unpaid leave during a shutdown. 

However, if you don’t agree, you should be paid your ordinary pay rate for the shutdown. You can’t be forced to take unpaid leave.

The ASU is seeking feedback from those members who do not wish to take leave during this period so we can work together to resolve the matter. 

If you do not wish to take leave on December 23 and/or 24, 2019 and are seeking assistance on this matter, please notify the ASU by Friday, October 18. 

Also, if you don’t wish to take leave please do not submit a leave application for this period! 

Please notify Organiser Kristy Lee Tyrrell via email at or talk to your ASU workplace delegates for more background information on this situation.

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