Since April, the ASU has been involved in representing five union members in relation to allegation letters from Rohan Charrett (General Manager) at CWW/GWW.

Throughout this time, the ASU had been advocating for these employees to ensure ‘natural justice and procedural fairness’ particularly given that the allegations relate to audio recordings made of private conversations via the calabrio system.

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As a result of this lengthy and flawed process, the ASU has written directly to Maree Lang (Managing Director) outlining a long list of issues that go to the heart of what is ‘natural justice and procedural fairness’.

This letter can be found here

Examples include:

  • Refusal to accept the union as a representative and attempting to restrict rights to the ASU to being a ‘support person’
  • Refusing to allow employees to listen to the audio recordings
  • Staff complaints made under the internal grievance policy were responded to with ‘verbal recommendations’ from managers
  • Employees were refused access to their personal employment files
  • The disciplinary outcomes have no expiry date and remain hanging over our fellow members.

Given this appalling situation, and the fact that your employer is a State Government Authority, not the corner shop the ASU has requested a meeting with the Managing Director ASAP to address these serious matters.

Please forward this email to your workmates and colleagues so that they know what is going on at GWW and ask them to join the union at

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