Your ASU Bargaining Reps met with management yesterday to progress negotiations for your new enterprise agreement.

More specifically, we discussed the claims that have a monetary value attached to it.

Management opened the meeting by tabling their response to these items and some of these include:

  • 2% pay increase for each year of the Agreement
  • NO to 3 days Christmas Leave (unless you agree to a 0.85% pay increase)
  • NO superannuation to be paid whilst on Primary/Secondary Carers leave
  • NO increase to allowances (not even by CPI)
  • NO test & tag allowance (as it should form part of your role)
  • NO First Aid Officer allowance (as this is a voluntary role)
  • NO Mental Health Officer allowance (as this is a voluntary role)

Your ASU Bargaining Reps will be available to speak with you tomorrow (Thursday 1st April). Please add your voice to the conversation as we need your input to management’s disgraceful response.

Indoors – 11.30am (Second Floor, Councillors Meeting Room)
Depot – 4.00pm

ASU Bargaining Reps: Allison Daley, Lionel Daley, Stan Staveley, Paul Dredge, Scott Blair, Olivia Lucas, Darren Simpson

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